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Get on this "Oprah Ah-ha" moment with me... are you ready? Instead of investing in advertising and marketing, what if we spent those dollars fostering your thriving community and the people that care about your mission?

I am here to offer services to coordinate your social platform & your true ambassadors, as well as give you real feedback or reaction to improve your business.  
Social Media Coordination
                   Two Platforms
                   Three Platforms 

Brand Ambassador Coordination
                                 Super Fans
Secret Service 
Influence Campaign 
Christmas Giveaway
Fry Sauce Collective Meet-up 
Brunch Sponsorship
(Insta-bite, Gift Bags) 



Management of two to three digital mediums (Medium options: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Email Subscription)
1-3 posts daily per platform (with the exception email subscription/Mailchimp in which  4  posts per month)  
1 profile bio update a month. 
Monthly analytical report with marketing suggestions.
 1 digital platform contest per month (contest prizes included)   

 Monthly Trade: 100$  2 Platforms: 500$ 
3 Platforms: 800$  
Set Up Fee: 150$

Find ambassadors, create, and finalize contracts. Coordination of brand ambassadors divided into squads, Influencers and Super Fans. Define goals for squads, facilitating communication and community building. Can act as influencer and/or super fan. 
Monthly Coordination Super fans: 40$        Influencer: 150$  
Monthly Personal Trade   Super Fan:  40$   Influencer:  150$            Set Up Fee: 150$


Social Media
2,3 Mediums:
Whole platform