Howzit going brah? My name is Alexander Keoki Cabrera-Fuentes Milles.
(Pronounced: A-lig-ZAN-der, key-oh-key kab-rar-ah fwen-tez MIL-es)
Yea, it's a mouthful. You can call me Alex. 

 I’m a brunch queen, treat yo’self advocate, and self-proclaimed flexitarian. (I eat and drink what I want, how I want, but I've got goals) I serve the bleeding heart millennials, foodies, and joy followers by delivering compassion, yum, and rainbows on a plate. I believe my vocation in life is nurturing people’s relationship with food. I find most foodies don’t know how to make a full plate, and so I create stories, connections, and resources to help add more to their tables so they can feel full; mind, body, and soul. 


I'm Boi food

I am just a fruity foodie from Hawaii living in Boise, Idaho
                                with a big appetite.

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"Alex is an expert at social media and advertising. He has tremendous positive energy."

Julia Robinson, DPA

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Jonathan Van Ness (Queer eye) 

I've been blessed to collaborate with a community of people, brands, blogs, and businesses. As well as being featured in multiple platforms and publications some of which are listed.  

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City of Boise 
Hudson Baking company

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If you asked me my BIGGEST skill it would be between my creativity and community building. I believe with a lot of people and a little bit of ingenuity anything can happen. 


Ask what your community can do for you AND what you can do for your community. In this blog we firmly believe all deserve a seat at the table, and everyone has to chip in. 

Philanthropic ADVOCATE

I've been eating goose pâté since I was in first grade. For some people it's music, for me it's food. I'm almost always thinking of my next meal. Being a foodie for me is being a part of a tribe. 

Hungry, Hungry, Foodie

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I've been able to grow authentic communities for digital platforms  and helped show the way to a rainbow of stories and connections. I got Jonathan Van Ness from Netflix's Queer Eye to make a video for Boise's Pride Festival and ghost wrote the cities proclamation. So there's that. (I also got to be a guest at one of the most exciting events ever by the Wondersmith)

Think of me as your new, next door, gay best friend. Boise's Queer Eye love child between Antoni and Jonathan Van Ness with just a splash of Karamo.  It's a Boisean food and beverage brand. A tribe of foodies. It can be pronounced either Boy-food or bee-oh-eye food. 

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