5 Things You Need To See at The Albertsons on Broadway


When you’re visiting the Albertsons on Broadway, it can be easy to think it’s similar to every other Albertsons on your block, but there are a few things I think everyone should check out when they come in.

1. Variety of Produce

I love the produce section; as someone from Hawaii, I suggest you dive right in and check out fruits you’ve never heard of. It can be so game-changing to incorporate a new fruit or vegetable into your diet. I really recommend trying a rambutan. It looks furry and is similar to Hawaiian lychee with bigger flesh.

2. Fresh Mozz(erella)

I have yet to find a Boise location that makes fresh mozzarella in house (if you’ve heard of one, please let me know!) Whenever I’m doing a simple mozzarella salad or a full-on wine and cheese night, I head to the cheese section. Pro tip: I also recommend you try the mini pepper drops in the little anti-pasta section.

3. Local focus 

Some shops focus on things like organic produce; Albertsons includes those too… but focuses the most on local. They have the most easily seen local products. I REALLY recommend you try out Happy Day Brands Oatmeal, for every oatmeal bought another bag is brought to Idahoans in need. I eat oatmeal every day. It’s PACKED with superfoods; I also top it with figs, dates, coconut, almonds, and honey. (I currently cook it with macadamia nut milk.)

I also love Oma and Popies sauces! Literally, check out their website for recipe options. So finger-licking good! 

4. Regional section 

Peruse down the aisle until you find yourself in the regional section. They even feature Kosher. If you have any recommendations, you find please DM the Boifood accounts.

5. Marie and her staff at On the Rocks bar 

Finally, you have to grocery shop at Albertsons on Broadway because of the On the Rocks and their staff. Marie, the bar manager, is a friend. She and her staff will give you an amazing experience that leads you to come back for more. They make it feel like home. I’ve heard rumours that soon you’ll be able to order straight from there… and well… treat yourself.

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