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The Boifood grocery shopping list isn’t going to make you a more effective shopper. In fact, it might do the opposite; I’ve been known to frequent the grocery store more in a week than I do any restaurant, brewery, or coffee shop. However, it will make you delight in the present moment, learn to take the food you’re eating out and bring it back to the kitchen, and help you to connect to what’s most important: food!

I’ve been heading to the Albertsons on Broadway. I love the attention to local, the seasonal focuses, and amazing employees. Literally, everyone is so kind and focused on giving you the best experience. This week was Oktoberfest which had me in the mood for beer and sausage, and they had just the thing!


Always treat yourself to a full stomach before shopping.

I’ve tried going on an empty stomach, and it usually has the similar consequences of a stressed meridian shopaholic at TJ Max. Usually, I get something in store. Before making a set decision going through the deli options, I always like to peruse the produce and beverages. Instead of thinking I need something, I look at what looks freshest, what excites me. I also always like to use this time to socialize with the staff. What have they been salivating over? You’d be surprised what your experience can be when the staff like and know you.



Speaking with Nathan at the beer section had me feeling beer, and he gave the perfect recommendation for an Oktoberfest variety. (Just an FYI: Albertsons has a STELLAR deal on beer with a buy one get one 50% off, which is stellar for Oktoberfest beer.)

Talking with Alex, I fell in love with her Oktoberfest Flatbread with sauerkraut and beer cheese. Grabbing that, I decided to have a pre-shop drink at On the Rocks, the bar upstairs. Mariee, the bar manager, is literally the best. ¬†She told me that the bar will soon be getting ipads so you can order online while you’re at the bar (what life are we living). She also had the same beer that Nathan had told me about on tap. (It was a German, impossible to pronounce.) After having a glass, I headed back to begin my shopping spree.


Try to grab a fruit or veggies, a protein, a carb, a treat-yo-self, and dessert.

Heading back to produce, I always like to do plant-based cooking. I went with sweet onion and bell peppers. I also couldn’t help picking up some local Idaho candy grapes. I figure I’ll mix that with some Parmesan and a lemon oil vinaigrette with this delicious spicy arugula I already have from Ohana No-till farm.

While I sometimes will have a vegan cart, today, I felt the need for beer sausage that you can sample. I also couldn’t help but make my treat yo self the beer cheese from Belgium. To round it together, I grabbed some pretzel bread.


Grab one staple and get the heck out of there.

I could literally live in the grocery store. To keep my supplies going, I usually always try to buy one thing I know the family needs to keep stocked upon. Seeing as it’s fall, I finally am getting into Happy Day Brands Maple Pecan Oatmeal. I’ve been mixing mine with dates every morning, and it’s been divine. Once I had that, I stormed out… only to realize we were out of sparkling water. Prost!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons on Broadway. The opinions and text are all mines.

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